Sunday, July 8, 2007

One is the loneliest number....

Only dork at training today. Sigh..... Only, kidding, I know everyone else was legitimately busy. I just don't want the world to think that I did in fact perform a hostile takeover of the KFDU blog. And I missed my fellow dorks! But there were thirty people there today to help take their place. And I needed the support. I had my first major crash during ceshoufan today. Not major. But I've never fallen that hard before. My cartwheels are always a little wonky. Or a lot, depending on the day. Today I was rolling merrily along when I realized I was about to barrel into the innocent bystanders training in the back. Before I could stop myself, I succumbed to instinct and went limp in an effort to stop my momentum and keep from hurting someone. Moot point, I ended up hurting myself. I uttered a girly scream and then my head hit the floor,my elbow slammed my leg and I landed in a heap. Not too serious. Moderately dazed, I jumped up and got back in line. What definitely helped though was that, true to form, everyone in line was clapping and encouraging me as I got off the floor. I admit I was pretty embarrassed; but heving been on the other side, I know no one was judging me for falling. And the supportive cheers of my spastic-ness helped me get back in line with extra chi. This reminded me that, dork or not, we are always training together. No matter who is in class we all feel one another's successes and falls and are equally enthusiastic in supporting both. Sometimes falls get more applause than awesome moves! And it's genuinely encouraging, not good-natured-but-sarcastic jeering. It means a lot.

That just leaves me with my ceshoufan needing some serious work. I try to pretend I'm at a disadvantage with long legs. (That's a lot of leverage to overcome!) But I recognize that it's a pretty flimsy excuse. Even if I can't extend, it doesn't logically follow that I also can't go in a straight line and not run into the people training on the side. Funny, you would think that since we've all done cartwheels since our childhood it would be a move easier to master than something like pubus that we've never done before. So time to train harder on ceshoufan; then I'll train one armed, then no arms. Then I'll take over the world! Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion it will come in useful in Erluquan.....


  1. More Chi for you! I couldn't wake up in time for the morning class. And yea ... your suspicion is correct.

  2. Haha. Yeah this post is actually for Saturday's class. Lots of dorks today! Sucheela is back too! You'll be happy to know that I practiced the sweep after class today too. A lot easier with a plastic bag on your foot......

  3. I fear ceshoufan.

    I don't like not seeing where I'm going.

  4. Ceshoufan is indeed pretty scary. The key is to jump through the fear and just do it. I know whenever I think too much when I'm doing ceshoufan, I usually fall or almost kick someone.

    I think Richu said he was joining a Gymnastic class at Chelsea Piers. Maybe we should all do that to face our fears of Ceshoufan.

  5. speaking as a one sided ceshoufan-er, it is best to just do it without thinking too much! i never did these as a kid so it's a fairly daunting thing to do as a bigger kid! also we have all crashed into each other at one time or another & i am glad to hear you aren't really hurt, hannah! staying in a straight line & doing ceshoufan fast, that really takes work. maybe we can get c'hieh to work on it with us while sifu is in mehico...