Friday, July 13, 2007

How sweet the sweep!

Last night could not have been more different than Tuesday. Huge class (47!!!) cool air, and Xu taught, which was a nice throwback to when I first started and she taught my day classes. Long lines meant I wasn't so out of breath and I could go slower and focus on technique a little more. I did wall stretch for the first time in awhile and man is it hard to go back! Have to remember to keep mixing it up. Then during forms, Qbertplaya and I decided the time had come, the chi was high, we bit the bullet and added the sweep to our Erluquans.

We haven't been taught it officially, but we've been watching people and listening to Sifu's corrections and felt like it was time to swallow our pride and start getting a feel for it, no matter how awkward we might look. I think we both felt pretty silly, but it was a successful breakthrough nonetheless. Thanks everyone for cheering us on. Embrace the wobbliness! After class she, Sucheela, Quantou, Mo and I practiced sweeping, but I'm not sure I really progressed. I think "learning" the sweep is going to come down to endless repetition. Like so many moves, I understand it in my head, I just need to communicate it to my body. But I hope that I working on it now will help us move on to the next step faster. I will finish erluquan!!! I really wanted to get to five kicks before my mom visits is August. Probably won't happen, but at least I will be able to sweep for her!

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  1. god, that was so friggin' funny. i think i was giddy and hi on chi the whole time!