Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kung Fu Dork Profile #5

It's my Shaolin Anniversary today! (Ok, so it's kind of a stretch, and time is an illusion etc., but I like anything that even remotely resembles a holiday.) And what better way to celebrate than by training tonight? While I sit and anticipate that, I thought it would be a good day to publish my dork profile.

Name: Hannah R.
Temple Name: Don't have one yet, but need one if only so I know whether Shifu is talking to me or Hannah T. (ed. note. -- as of September 2007, Hannah R. is now Heng Cheng!)
Occupation: Posing as a competent Assistant to the Executive VP at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I mostly occupy myself there by drawing cartoons, looking up recipes and doing kung fu in empty rooms.
Borough: Brooklyn - Fort Greene to be precise.
Chinese Sign: Rat - Rats are characterized as being charismatic, pioneering, cunning, etc... Ok, so they also live in sewers. But hey, Splinter was a rat, and he still was able to learn ninjitsu and teach it to turtles.

When was the last time you trained? About ten minutes ago. I do mabus in the elevator. At temple: I last trained Sunday.

How is your commute to the temple? 15 minute ride on the Q train from work.

How did you learn about the temple? And what made you start training? Oddly enough, I found out about the temple randomly when I still lived in GA. About a month after I moved to NY I remembered, "Oh yeah, that place looked pretty cool." So I visited, thought it was really cool, and started training. The people and the chi kept me coming.

When did you start training? July 10, 2006 One year anniversary!

What is your favourite basic move? I changed this answer several times, but I gotta go with waibaitui. The explosion (both the noise and physically), the extension, getting to do it right after stretching, you can't beat it for chi.

What injuries have you had from training? Nothing too serious. I currently have nice bruise from where I fell on Saturday. Does hurt pride count? I hurt that a lot.

What's the most important lesson you learn from training? Patience; any way you want to interpret it.

Soup or no soup? Soup, but number 14 with the vegetarian broth. I'm vegetarian; like Shifu.
Shower or no shower? If I have somewhere to be before I go home. I try to be considerate of other people's noses.
Gatorade or water? Water. The sweet drinks just makes me thirstier, and I drink too much water already.
How many uniforms? 2 NTNL uniforms, and one blue cotton one. Oh and an extra pair of blue pants from my original uniform to which I lost the top. Oops.
Straddle or wall stretch? Both. Straddle lately because just for fun I decided to aim for a middle split by September. Psychological test. Conquer the fear of the straddle!

Looking forward to many more awesome years!


  1. finally a non-tiger profile!
    my time does fly! amituofo! congratulations & many happy returns (to temple)!

  2. happy anniversary!

    that's funny - I sometimes look for recipes (and read this blog) when I'm bored at work as well :)

  3. It's funny that I read the blog at work as well to cheer me up!!

    I thought Sifu wasn't vegetarian. Amituofo!

  4. Haha. He isn't But he says he is just to tease me and any other veggetarians. "Oh you're vegetarian? Me too. I'm vegetarian!" As he eats a bowl of Number 1 soup....... Silly Shifu....

  5. LOL! Yes I do remember that comment from Sifu.

  6. Lets see some of those cartoons :D

  7. Happy Anniversary Hannah!!

    Shifu is indeed funny. Just the other day we were all eating No. 1 soup (including him) and he was telling us the virtues of being a vegetarian.


  8. So, should I spoil the fun and share my buddhism interpretation of the vegetarian thing?

  9. yes please neo...all i've heard is the cow eats grass, i eat cow, therefore i'm a vegetarian...chain rule works here right?

  10. I don't have a problem eating meat. I love meat. I have a problem with hormone-d out, super appalling factory farmed meat. Uh oh, I almost became a crazy ranting PETA person. Yikes!!! Anyway, I cheat from time to time when my body tells me to. What can ya do?

  11. Your shaolin cookies kicked ass!