Monday, July 9, 2007

RE: Sweat

I trained yesterday! The first time after more than a month!

There were fright, tightness, sore, being out of breath, blah, blah... the whole deal. Oh, also a warm welcome back.

One thing new I noticed: my sweat was more smelly than usual!

How could this be?!!!?!

Have I become dirty and smelly? Was it because I just came back from a tropical weather? Did I get old and smelly in a period of one month?

I refuse the above thoughts and my genius mind came up with new answer...

I didn't exercise and sweat vigorously for a while. Dirt, hair, dead skin cells, food, etc. built up on my body (ewww). Although I soaped and bathed myself occasionally, my pores are not cleaned. Therefore, my sweat from my first training running through these pores became more smelly. QED.


  1. I think your final theory is correct. Or maybe you just are getting smellier in the summertime. My stuff seems to smell more now too. But that might be because now I am carrying around two sweaty uniforms per class instead of one.

  2. Oh! I missed all the fun this weekend!!

    Hannah does bring up a good point. Maybe it's not you that was smelly but it was the uniform. I know the if you don't clean that aquawick one right away, it can get really smelly. I took it out of my bag after it has been through the laundry and I was like ewwwwww... So I bought another uniform because I didn't want whoever was behind me to think I stink and have them pass out from the fumes.

    It also could be whatever you ate the day before. I know that if you eat a lot of garlic, the smell will come out of your pores. It's a natural insect repellent. (Serious)

    Anyway, glad to have you back in Shaolin Temple Training!

  3. welcome back, massamman! i think it's true that if you aren't regularly sweating as we do in temple, things do get a bit stored up until the next sweating marathon. that NTNL uniform does smell though, i scrunch my nose at quan tuo's all the time!!