Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Amituofo, Everyone! So Why This Blog?

So the other day I was telling Sucheela how I wanted to start a blog loosely documenting my progress everytime I go to class because it seems like I learn so much, so it's easy to forget and repeat mistakes sometimes. I want to be able to look back and remind myself of what I've learned, and perhaps how far I've now Mo, Sucheela and I are gonna make this a group thang! :)

Basically, the idea is to write down something new you've learned, be it a new movement, some attention to a detail you didn't realize, or even something as simple as someone's name, or, in my case, something that Shifu has yelled at me for doing, which happens all the time! :) So, I'd like to remember to extend better, or to raise my arm properly, or whatever. This is all.

Whatever we make of it, this is what the blog will be. You feel the chi, that's the chi. Or something like that. CHI!!

And if you feel like commenting, go for it. Or if you have something you'd like to contribute and have us put up (like a good link or even a guest post), drop us a line. Maybe this will inspire you to think about class in a different way as well! :)


(Image taken from the Buddha Project at Lens Culture, a site containing many images of Buddha from around the world.)


  1. Hi,

    I know this blog is about the experiences training at the temple but I was just wondering how everyone got into Kung Fu? ALso how did you find USA Shaolin Temple?

    I thought this might be an interesting blog entry....

  2. amituofo kfw!

    i am pretty sure both sucheela and mo found out about usa shaolin temple through friends who are current students. as for myself, my boyfriend at the time had been training for about 6 months. i wanted to stop my monthly "donation" to new york sports club, so i gave kung fu at usa shaolin temple a whirl, and the rest as they say is history...

    not very interesting...i guess the point is, we're all here now!

  3. Amituofo!

    Cool. A lot of people are very influenced by the Temple so I'm not surprised friends recommend friends to the school. I guess its the spirit and motivation of others in the class that make people come back for more. I think that it is this that affects students more than the kung fu itself.

  4. I know for sure the community aspect is a big reason why I keep going back for more...that's also partly why I wanted to start this encourage another way in which we kung fu dorks can interact with each other. CHI!

  5. What up my ninjas,

    I found out about the Temple through a good friend of mine who has not yet joined. After a month of giving it some thought and watching clips on youtube of Sifu, I joined. I realized a few things about myself: that I didn't have enough physical strength to do the things that I wanted to do, I didn't have enough spiritual strength, not enough self-discipline and not enough confidence to overcome life's random obstacles. I am more than just glad that I joined. My life has changed significantly in these past 2 months and will continue to change for the better. Also, I have a lot of new friends whom I can call my Shaolin Ninjas! I too have let my gym membership go to waste, but I think that the gym is beneficial if used properly and with large amounts of chi. One more thing, the Temple space is great for breakdancing during open practice and parties.