Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Perpetual Butt Injury

I think I have a vaporized Kung Fu being who lives in my butt-cheek, just above my thigh. It hurts! And I will celebrate one year of co-existence with this beast in June 2007.

What I have continuously learned from this is, despite apparent scars and wounds, despite nagging discomfort, it pays to train harder. You forget the pain that way-- learn to fight through it, learn to focus on the strengths, and ultimately laugh in the face of the little Shaolin sword poking your left buttock.


  1. Amitoufo!

    Have had the Shaolin butt sword for a long time. It actually gets better if you train more! Like 2 -3 days in a row!

    I love this blog! This is awesome!



  2. Owie! I didn't know you had a Shaolin imp living in your muscles. Train harder!

  3. i feel for you, my shaolin aches & pains are hard to pin point & i think i've just convinced myself that it feels good, despite the comments & concerns of non-shaolin folks around me. it's true though, more chi! train harder!

  4. Hi Folks -

    Heng Pian here. Why do we have to be called the Dorks? I know I sometimes (ok- most times) feel uncoordinated and awkward, but... nevermind... Anyhoo, this is a great idea, and I love the site. You guys rock!


  5. Heng Pian,

    We briefly discussed what the appropriate title of the blog should be. For example we were considering Kung Fu Chicks Unite! but thought that might be too gender specific. Anyway, we're hoping that dorks connotes a sense of fun, and not necessarily lack of coordination. Just goofiness!


  6. Oh, he's in your butt now?
    I think there's a whole family of shaolin imps,
    he must like you a lot.
    I'll be back training again, so we can imp together.


  7. Mini Me MUST return! Shaolin BUtt Sword be damned! Amitoufo!

  8. haha this is awesome...i feel you guys too because my training here isn't as active as it probably should be, so i get more pains then usual, nothing too bad though

    miss you guys =)