Friday, February 9, 2007

The Personal is Political (This is Less Boring Than it Sounds!)

Maybe you can relate. You know when we're standing in line to do forms, to do basic moves, to do anything, and someone starts clapping, allowing a burst of exuberance to manifest? And then you start clapping, and suddenly you feel excited too, and then it spreads like a wild fire of clapping and shared expression and gladness that we are all here at this moment?

I'm going to confess that, on occasion, I don't clap. I close up and feel protective of my chi-- I don't want to share it for some reason. And then I notice that I am not receiving it or building it anymore either. I have blocked it from going out, and I have blocked it from coming in, and I can't grow. What is that? Is that ego? Is it a "bad day"? Because it feels really good to just relax, to just let it flow, to join in with the collective appreciation of the moments we create. Those moments wouldn't be what they are without each of us. And besides, whatever you give away comes back to you, multiplied.

Anyway, this is just a big shout out thank you to everyone who shares their chi, who gets us riled up and ignites the domino-chain of firey excitement that makes training in class so freaking awesome. More Chi!

Wait... I think I hear clapping, all the way in Brooklyn...

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