Saturday, January 12, 2008

Level 2 Basics

With Spring Testing fast approaching, it is time to sharpen not only our physical movments but also our mental alacrity. I am updating Sucheela's Level 2 Basics post with this one. It has the Chinese characters as well as the Level 2 Form names.

For those of us testing Level 2, it's time to learn how to pronounce the Chinese correctly! For those of us testing erluquan and hopefully making it into Level 2, this will be a preview of what's to come. It's never too early to start studying! More Chi! Train Harder! 多 氣 苦 練!


四六步 / Sìliùbù / Four-Six Stance
三七步 / Sānqībù / Three-Seven Stance

勾拳 / Gŏuqúan / Hook Punch
直拳 / Zhíqúan / Straight Punch
擺拳 / Băiqúan / Curved Punch

斧頭腿 / Fŭtoútŭi / Axe Kick
前磴腿 / Qiándèngtŭi / Front Thrust Kick
組合拳前磴腿 / Zŭhéqúan Qiándèngtŭi/ Combination Punch with Front Step Kick
側踹腿 / Cèchuàitŭi / Side Kick
邊腿 / Biāntŭi / Roundhouse Kick
前擺腿後擺腿 / Qiánbăitŭi Hòubăitŭi / Front Crescent Kick and Back Crescent Kick
前掃腿後掃腿 / Qiánsăotŭi Hòusăotŭi/ Front Sweep Kick and Back Sweep Kick
磨磐掃腿 / Mópán Săotŭi / Millstone Sweep Kick

提膝卜步樓手弓步沖拳 / Tíxī Pūbù Lóushŏu Gōngbù Chōngqúan / Lifting Knee Followed by Pubu and Gongbu Punch
穿掌里合腿撩腿 / Chūanzhăng Lĭhétŭi Liāotŭi / Piercing Palm Followed by Inside Crescent Kick and Lifting Kick
弓步雙推掌後掃腿弓步亮掌 / Gōngbù Shuāng Tūizhăng Hòusăotŭi Gōngbù Liàngzhăng / Bow Stance with Pair of Palm Strikes Followed by Back Weep Kick and Bow Stance
鯉魚打挺 / Lĭyú Dátĭng / Carp Straightens Body
烏龍攪拄 / Wūlóng Jiăozhù / Black Dragon Coils Around Pillar

霸王摘魁 / Bàwáng Zhāikuí / Jump with Backwards Punch and Cartwheel
旋子 / Xuànzi / Butterfly Kick
旋風腳 / Xuànfēngjiăo / Tornado Kick
騰空單飛腳 / Téngkōng Dānfēijiăo / Soaring Single Flying Leg
騰空雙飛腳 / Téngkōng Shuāngfēijiăo / Soaring Double Flying Legs
騰空外擺蓮 / Téngkōng Wàibăilián / Soaring Outside Waving Lotus
騰空彈踢 / Téngkōng Tántī / Soaring Spring Kick

小洪拳 / Xiăohóngqúan / Small Red Fist
大洪拳 / Dàhóngqúan / Big Red Fist
通臂拳 / Tōngbeiqúan / Penetrating Fist
瘋魔棍 / Fēngmógùn / Crazy Devil Staff
羅漢拳 / Luóhànqúan / Lohan Fist
達摩杖 / Dámózhàng / Da Mo Cane
小炮拳 / Xiăobàoqúan / Baby Leopard Fist
長拳 / Chángqúan / Long Fist
劍 / Jiàn / Straight Sword
初級自由博擊訓練 / Chūjí Zìyóu Bójī Xùnliàn / Freestyle Fighting Basics

On the poster, there is no "Millstone Sweep Kick.", but it was on Sucheela's post. Is that a new kick? I added the Chinese characters as best as I could for that one. For those of you in Level 2, please tell me if that is right. Thanks!


  1. Amituofo Leo,

    I am Shi Heng Zhan and we had the chance to meet on the weekend of the Discipleship Ceremony. I wanted to send to you the Level 2 techniques document that I sent to Heng Cheng so that she may post/use it. I simply ran over all the characters used on the poster for Lv. 2 and retrived them using my limited Mandarin and a few dictionaries. I am sending these to you with the intention of providing for you a text version of the Lv. 2 poster for you to compare to the one you posted. To download the document, go to the following link and download the zip file.

    Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance in any way.

    Shi Heng Zhan

  2. Mopan saotui is on the level 2 poster. Also, slow down there, chief, testing is in the middle of April, we're barely halfway there. :P

  3. Amituofo Heng Zhan!

    Thank you for sending me the document. I will update my post with the correct pinyin tones for each move! And check if there are any mistakes on my post.

    And Cheng! I don't see MoPan SaoTui on the picture of Level 2 poster I took. Was the poster updated recently? It wasn't in Heng Zhan's document either. I'll have to check at the temple next time I go.

  4. mopan saotui = coffee grinder, IIRC

  5. Amituofo,

    I'm sure the poster is slightly out-of-date since Shaolin is growing every day. But It wouldn't surprize me if the techniques have grown in number.

    Leo, I was more than happy to be able to provide the document for you and (in the long run) for everyone. I have many a resource at my disposal, so if there is anything I can every help with, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing it grow both here and at the Temple.


  6. I think you should worry about Level 1 Basics and passing ErLuQuan before worrying about Level 2 Basics. You'll get to Level 2 soon enough. Amitoufo.

  7. Nobody worries about anything Bill. Don't worry.

  8. That's not true Sucheela! I worry about what kind of soup I should have! Hmmm...Should I have Number 1 or... wait... I know... I'll have Number 1 !