Friday, January 11, 2008

Level 2 Number 2

Austrian update: Today's level two class was not as intimidating as Wednesday's, though I was still told to relax more than once :P. For the first half of class we did all moves that were familiar to me, and nothing that I felt particularly bad at except maybe tornado. Again, it was really different from training L2 in NY. The carpet is way longer so you do about twice as many kicks each time you go down. However, there are about 30 people or more in the class, and the lines don't start until the last person finishes, so there is lots of time to be very precise and technical and still do every move at full chi. Hopefully this will give me a chance to work out the technical kinks in all the L2 moves I'm still working on, so when I get back I'll be raring to go.

The second half of class instead of doing lots and lots of daunting jumps we just did one: xuanzi. We did it for an hour. We did it slow. We did it fast. We did a lot of xuanzi. I was glad because mine has always felt pretty weak and with Heng Yi teaching so we got a super precise breakdown of the move and did a really helpful drill that we will have to bring back to you guys in the states. It was most excellent, and by the end everyone's kick looked a lot better.

Heng Yi is a great teacher and his KF is amazing to see. I guess it ought to be since he's been training since he was 8. But it's so inspiring to have him training on line with us and sharing such amazing chi. Can't wait for him to teach the jumping class tomorrow!

Sorry no picture again; I will start taking some tomorrow I promise.


  1. Yeah! Me too! My xuanzi is crying out for help!

  2. Me too! As long as KFC isn't looking! J/K!