Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Front crescent kick followed by back crescent kick, an exercise for my behind

I was pulled aside last night while doing Quianbaitui Houbaitui. I always had problem with this move since the first day I learned it. Over time, I got worse and worse at it. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to re-learn to kick from Heng De, Heng Jing and Shifu himself.

My problem was with the back kick. With my right leg, I turned my body too much that I couldn't maintain a sidekick position. With my left leg, I didn't extend enough that my body is too upright and I couldn't extend my legs and hips....

To practice, I was told to hold on to a column, kick like Biantui, maintain my upper body position and continue kicking with my hips and butt...

It looked really easy but it's not. After about 3 wiggles (or my so-called kicks), I could hardly hold my butt up. I started to wonder whether my butt was that weak. I watched Miao Shi, who's visiting from the Austria Temple, and she looked like her butt was in pain too. So it's not just me.

I should continue doing this exercise to strengthen certain muscles and get used to sideway extension.