Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Front crescent kick followed by back crescent kick, an exercise for my behind

I was pulled aside last night while doing Quianbaitui Houbaitui. I always had problem with this move since the first day I learned it. Over time, I got worse and worse at it. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to re-learn to kick from Heng De, Heng Jing and Shifu himself.

My problem was with the back kick. With my right leg, I turned my body too much that I couldn't maintain a sidekick position. With my left leg, I didn't extend enough that my body is too upright and I couldn't extend my legs and hips....

To practice, I was told to hold on to a column, kick like Biantui, maintain my upper body position and continue kicking with my hips and butt...

It looked really easy but it's not. After about 3 wiggles (or my so-called kicks), I could hardly hold my butt up. I started to wonder whether my butt was that weak. I watched Miao Shi, who's visiting from the Austria Temple, and she looked like her butt was in pain too. So it's not just me.

I should continue doing this exercise to strengthen certain muscles and get used to sideway extension.


  1. Yeah, when I learned this basic for the first time, Shifu stepped in to work on it with me and made me hold the column too. I thought my suckiness had to do with my flexibility, but you're super flexible, so maybe I need to strengthen my butt muscles more. =)

  2. I like your drawing -- it looks like an exploding penis, or a squirrel climbing up a tree with a funny tail.

  3. I liked the picture too, but my imagination isn't as great as Ellen's...I see the squirrel, but not the penis...unless it's the squirrel's penis?

  4. Ok I'll write something more useful now =)

    The trick is to kick not like waibaitui with your body up, but to kick behind as in tengkong houliaotui and xuanzi. and chuanzhang lihetui liaotui. So yea, like you said, like side kicks.

    And my butt gets crampy if I hold my leg up too, it requires a lot of strength!

  5. I rediscovered the blog a few days ago and thought I'd leave a comment to say I miss you guys and this Summer. I'll be back in New York in about 6 weeks, and I hope for enough time that I can rejoin the temple. I practice in my apartment when I can--my living room is about four caijaos long.