Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post-Testing Speech

I like the speech we got after the testing session this year. It went something like this.

  • Our basics improved. (Yay!)

  • But we need to train harder on the Level 2 basics especially the jumps. We need more air and jump higher! (More Chi!)

  • Confidence is the key in life and training. Be relax and slow when you need to. Be fast and explosive at other times - just like doing forms. If we go at the same pace all the time, we either get out of breath or no Chi.

  • Mistakes are bad and good as long as we know what they are and learn from them.

  • Keep training what we know when we learn new things. We got two analogies here. One was bricks in buildings. If we don't have bricks, we don't have buildings. The other was syllables in sentences.

  • Something about "I am handsome"....