Friday, April 6, 2007

And now a word from a Kung Fu Dork...

Hi readers of this little blog,

Mo, Sucheela and I created this blog with the intent of making it a fun place where we could post about lessons learned, observations, comments, experiences, etc., while training. We are friends with many of you and feel that this blog should be a friendly way to enhance our sense of community. We are also thrilled if our blog proves interesting to those who don't train at USA Shaolin Temple.

Unfortunately, lately, there have been quite a few negative comments left anonymously. While people are entitled to their feelings and we don't discount the validity of their ideas, we don't understand why they've chosen our little blog to air such apparent bitterness. Case in point, today Sucheela wished everyone good luck for testing this weekend, and it somehow spurred a thread unrelated to her simple sentiment. There are certainly other forums in which these people could address their concerns. I encourage people to create their own blog if they are so compelled -- blogging can be fun!

Consequently, we have decided turn on the moderate comments option on this blog; meaning, if you leave a comment, it will not instantly appear. Rather, your comment will only appear once one of us has viewed it and approved it. We did not wish any kind of restrictions be placed, but sadly, this is definitely a case of a few rotten apples ruining the bunch. Our little blog is not designed to be a free-for-all forum for whatever. Remember, it primarily is about the experiences of Mo, Sucheela, and myself. Please respect our feelings, as this is our blog, respect others, and most importantly, respect yourself!

We hope you keep enjoying our posts, and that you keep your beautiful comments coming. Good luck if you're testing this weekend, and MORE CHI!



  1. You're so politic, I would've put it this way:

    Dear Bitter Douchebags,

    If you don't want to train at the temple, don't train there. We happen to like the fact that sifu smokes babies, eats crack, and beats up old ladies for their retirement money. You want to whine or cast aspersions or otherwise try to rain on our parade? Fine, is available, go to. I might know and like some of you, but I never like it when you get all up in our faces and talk trash. Especially ex-students; act like you learned some buddhist philosophy at the temple and let go of your attachment to your bitterness. Or, you know, play somewhere else. Your choice.


  2. Shaolin "Butt Sword"

    I may have found the exercise that remedies the inscrutable Shaolin "Butt Sword"! Go to page 87 of Sifu's book. It certainly loosens it up for me, so far so good! Will see you tonight in training...Amitoufo!