Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Supersonic Crunches!

It had been a while since I went to a class where Jie Chi'eh (界) taught. It is often nice when someone other than Shifu teaches class because we gain the perspective of another person and are challenged in different ways, and Jie Chi'eh is awesome at using creative exercises to give us an amazing workout. Last night he emphasized the cardiovascular by making us do lots of sprints and jumps, and also focused on upper-body strengthening, with handstands, wheelbarrows, (attempts at) one-handed ceshoufans, etc. I can hardly lift my arms today. Good thing all I have to do right now is sit here at my desk and type.

A fun but tough exercise that we learned yesterday involves four people.

Basically, Neo and I had to lie on the floor on our backs with our heads towards each other. We held hands/forearms and pulled as hard as we could towards each other while Richu and Jaka pulled our legs towards them as we struggled to bend our knees and pull our legs towards us, resulting in a supersonic crunch which worked the abs, arms and legs. Then the guys relaxed and let us straighten out our legs so that we could repeat the process again and again. Wow, it was like a crazy tug-o-war!

I had so much fun last night. It felt like elementary school gym class all over again!


  1. haha great picture...yea jie's classes are awesome...i don't know if i've done that specific excersise though. I need to start doing crunches again, I'm getting more belly from not training regularly -_-

  2. Love the "X's" over your eyes! The picts make me smile and laugh especially when having a bad day at work!

  3. I LOVE the class last night. It was so much fun although I couldn't do half of the things he had us do.

    Jie is such an energetic and fun teacher.

  4. Oh and I was pulling Mo's legs last night. I kept pulling so hard with all my chi she couldn't pull her legs back. She went "Sucheela! You need to let me go a little bit!" And I did. And everybody's happy.

  5. gosh! sorry i missed this strange yet exciting new stretch! more chi'eh run classes!

  6. That's a great picture or me :-) Awesome blog!