Friday, March 30, 2007

Kung Fu Cupid

I was pointed to this document by my co-worker: Some Evidence for Heightened Sexual Attraction Under Conditions of High Anxiety by Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron. The gist of it is already in the title. Basically it said that people get more attracted to each other when they are in adrenaline induced situations - which would include intense exercise or Kung Fu training! :)

The experiment went something like this. An attractive female researcher interviewed a bunch of guys and gave them her phone number at the end of the interview. The number of guys in the group that she took walking across a shaky hanging bridge who called her back was way higher than the other group which were on a sturdy bridge. (Both bridges have the same scenery.)

So.... my point is this: Have you ever noticed how many couples were "made" in the temple? Do you feel like you are more loving when you train? Why is that?

Well... this might be one of the reasons.

And this might be one more reason I should keep training. ;)


  1. Regarding anxiety transferring to attraction: I had a psychology professor who told a story about a colleague of his in graduate school who had a little sports car, and would take every date he went on at high speed up a winding mountain road to a lookout over the city. He wouldn't say much on the drive up, but when he got to the top he'd screech to a halt, turn on some music, and after a minute or so turn to the girl and say "You're very attracted to me right now, aren't you" or something to that effect. It didn't always work positively, but he claimed that it *always* worked - That excitement and anxiety transferred either into attraction or revulsion, but whichever it was was very intense.

    I think the same basic transference mechanism operates at the temple. Your body is running full-steam, your head is full of endorphines, your mind is sharp, and any attraction you might have toward someone is magnified because of these things. I think there's another component, though, which is that watching someone do something gracefully simply makes them look more attractive in its own right.

  2. yes, i always enjoy coursing in the deep prajnaparamita myself actually


    i don't know about feeling more attracted people while in the middle of training though, but it does put me in a more relaxed and nicer mood of course...but i think in general the same kinds of high energy positive people are attracted to the temple, so its easier to find people similar to you, and especially with all the time we spend together too it's bound to happen a lot.

  3. after 2+ hours of training, i think we see the bare souls of one another, all the pretense & bs falls away (mostly) & this is why kung fu bodies are hot & our people are cool. now the question is: although some kung fu couples are made at temple, how many actually have the longevity? that's the difference between the hook-up & the hang out.

  4. I think this post is very true.. seem like there are a lot of relationships going on there... I guess some guys who dated this girl, and then the girl dates these guys... or teacher with students whatever, there must be a lot of internal kung fu around.

    I heard your master teaching some special internal training there, just ask your master. Why not just bring this topic out & discuss with your master, I believe he/she will giving you a true & real question, may be even more his/her past experiences.