Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Explosive Chi!

Tonight after we did shuangtui quxitiao a few times, Shifu, dissatisfied with our jumps, stopped the line and told us to picture fireworks popping, like on the 4th of July:

So after hearing that, the next shuangtui quxitiao I did, I imagined myself to be a firecracker, lifting into the sky, with a core of energy ready to burst, then with explosive sparks shooting out from my legs and arms and chest. KAPOW!!!!

A simple concept, yet I think it worked its magic. Awesome!


  1. sometimes i really like sifu's lessons. aim ever higher!

  2. I am a little confused. I read a few of your blogs and found them to be rather odd but also interesting. I saw you seemed to jump on the one poster that said some constructive critisism.

    My question is this. If you not really open other the views and comments of outsiders and only have this blog so a few of those that actually train at USAST can talk about training at USAST then why does this place even exist? Would it not make more sense to just talk about these things before, during or after class? I mean your all already there to begin with...

  3. As one of the Kung Fu Dorks, I write this blog simply because I want to. I feel the chi, and that's the chi. No other justification needed.

    We don't always have the opportunity to talk about things with our temple brothers and sisters while there, so we thought this would be a fun forum and a natural extension of our learning process to share our observations and experiences. Case in point, I trained last night, and my fellow Dorks Sucheela and Mo didn't.

    If you'd like to continue this discussion further, please feel free to email us directly at kungfudorks@gmail.com.