Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sausage Fest


Hello My Fellow Kung Fu Dorks!

This is my first official post! Please let me introduce myself! Amituofo! I am Leo! (ROAR!) More Chi! Train Harder! You might have seen me around if you train Level 1 at the USA Shaolin Temple. I only started to train at temple 9 months ago and I'm the youngest blogger here in terms of Temple Age. Okay! Now on to my first entry!

For the first time, there were no female chi! Not even Heng Xu or Mei Mei! Well, that's not exactly true. There have been classes where it has been all guys, but those classes were usually very tiny, probably less than 7 people. But today, we had 16 people. And even Shifu mentioned it has never happened. Especially, since, today was not a holiday or a weekday.

I know the reason why. It's because most of the KF girls were celebrating Heng De's 21st Birthday far too late into the night/morning. I could have sworn before I left the party, I got quite a few half-hearted promises to train. ;) But, alas, I was the only one that made it to temple.

Training today was totally invigorating! When I first got there, I gotta admit. I was tired. My warm-ups consisted of me walking around the circle trying to keep my eyelids up and extended. But after 5 minutes of basics, I was ready to rock. Anybody else have that issue? My body just needs that Shifu-induced-wakeup to be able get the chi up. Once it's up, I'm fine the rest of the class. I probably should come as early as I can to get my chi up so I can start class at full chi. But...the darn bed yoga training was just too inviting... :)

Oh yeah! Joshua was there. For someone who hasn't trained at temple for a long time, he still led the line, and had awesome chi and perfect forms. He's very good about training the basics and forms outside of temple. He's self-motivated while currently, I'm Shifu-motivated. This is one of the things that I will be working on before testing in April. More Chi!

"Temple is in the heart, we take it everywhere with us."

-Shifu Shi Yan Ming


  1. amituofo, leo!

    welcome to the dorkdom!

  2. Welcome Leo!

    I love your title - sausage fest


  3. by the way - has anybody tried those pancake wrapped around sausage - sprinkled with chocolate chips?


    I bet it will be good deep fried.

  4. Leo that is hardcore training after De's party.

    Amituo ... \n|/ Aaaagghhh!

  5. Hmmm... the more I look at that picture, the hungrier I get. That is a breakfast all on a stick. What a great idea!!

    Sucheela, let's get some and deep fry them and dip them in ice cream!!