Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Level 2 Basics

Heng Cheng and I finished learning a brand new move tonight. The one with the longest name on the chart. Heng De told us to remember it like this:

Bow stance (Gongbu) with a Pair of (Shuang) Palm Strikes (Tuizhang) followed by Back Sweep Kick (Housaotui) and Bow Stance (Gongbu) with [something we don't know -- somebody help?] (Liangzhang).

So here goes: Gongbu Shuang Tuizhang Housaotui Gonbu Liangzhang.

To celebrate this occasion, I'm posting the names of level 2 basics.

SiliubuFour-Six Stance
SanqibuThree-Seven Stance
GouquanHook Punch
ZhiquanStraight Punch
BaiquanCurved Punch
FutoutuiAxe Kick
QiandengtuiFront Thrust Kick
Zuhequan QiandengtuiCombination Punch with Front Step Kick
CechuatuiSide Kick
BiantuiRoundhouse Kick
Qianbaitui HoubaituiFront Crescent Kick and Back Crescent Kick
Qiansaotui HousaotuiFront Sweep Kcik and Back Sweep Kcik
Mopan SaotuiMillstone Sweep Kick
Tixi Pubu Loushou Gongbu ChongquanLifting Knee Followed by Pubu and Gongbu Punch
Chuanzhang Lihetui LiaotuiPiercing Palm Followed by Inside Crescent Kick and Lifting Kick
Gongbu Shaung Tuizhang Housaotui Gongbu LiangzhangBow Stance with Pair of Palm Strikes Followed by Back Weep Kick and Bow Stance
Liyu DatingCarp Straightens Body
Wulong JiaozhuBlack Dragon Coils Around Pillar
Bawang ZhaikuiJump with Backwards Punch and Cartwheel
XuanziButterfly Kick
XuanfengjiaoTornado Kick
Tengkong DanfeijiaoSoaring Single Flying Leg
Tengkong ShuangfeijiaoSoaring Double Flying Legs
Tengkong WaibailianSoaring Outside Waving Lotus
Tengkong TantiSoaring Spring Kick


  1. Hey, I never learned "Black Dragon Coils Around Pillar." Which blows, `cause it sounds really badass.

    (Of course, I nearly performed "Pinkish dork faceplants into pillar" yesterday....)

  2. I was green with jealousy when you guys did that Pinkish Dork Faceplants into Pillar yesterday. It looked like fun - beat Sweeping until Knees Fall Off.

  3. Thanks for posting the level 2 movements Sucheela!! I will try and get the chinese characters for you!!