Friday, February 9, 2007

Lollygagging Will Get You Nowhere...Literally

You know when we're doing basics, and Shifu paces us by barking GO! each time a group of four is up? So during waibaitui today, I heard him say GO! to the groups in front of me, and then when I lined up, I didn't hear that GO! so I didn't go and just waited there a wee bit too long. Durrrrrrrrrr.... And then Shifu did one of those annoyed c'mon what are you waiting for? GO!s at me. Oops.

So Qbertplaya's lesson of the day: Keep the chi up! Don't let Shifu catch you lollygagging! Zou! means GO!

And then after training, Sucheela, Shi (Jose) and I lollygagged and ended up heading to Thai Son for a super quick dinner. We almost weren't seated cos we were so late. For simplicity's sake we all ordered the same dish - 10a - rice noodles beef soup w. grilled chicken. But the kitchen was in such a rush to close, some of our chicken was only half cooked. Raw. Yuck.

It doesn't pay to lollygag! Train faster! Eat sooner!


  1. I thought the chicken was good. Some pinkish color made the meat prettier.

  2. Yeah....that's why they did it. To make it prettier....and cos Shi smells like roses.

  3. It's happened to me as well. So no worries!! I've learned that when he doesn't say, "zhou", just go after the group has done their first or second kick and/or punch. Definitely keeps you aware of things!! :)