Friday, February 9, 2007

Waibaitui + Badassness

Last night, during Waibaitui, I had this epiphany: Relax!

When I stretched my mind at that moment to accomodate that notion, suddenly my legs turned into vertical propellers, I was extending infinitely, my arms were the picture of Up, Straight, and Not Bouncing, and I wasn't about to pass out at the end of my turn!

Goes to show what overthinking can do...

PS: My pinky finger got thwacked today in Fan Yao. It's all black and blue now. Don't tell anyone, but I secretly like my Kung Fu war wounds. It is evidence that bad-assness has taken place.


  1. I won't tell anyone.... ;-) ...badass!!!!!

  2. Si Pony Prince a badass....just a thought....

  3. so when i gimp around with my bad knee...a good thing?