Sunday, February 11, 2007

The MTA is not my friend...

On Saturday I made it to training...just barely. I left my apartment around 10:10 like I usually do and got all the way to the platform for the R train, only to find out that no R trains were running to Manhattan from my station that weekend. I had to go back outside and flag down a cab to Chinatown. Happily, I got to Temple with time to spare, but I was $10 poorer.

So the first lesson of the day -- check the MTA website for any diversions, especially on the weekend while eating my breakfast and before I get all the way to the platform, so that I can plan an alternate route to Temple if need be! I'm adding a link to the MTA service advisories on the side of this blog right now!

Oh, and as for training itself, it was a small class -- where was everyone? Only 24 of us or so came to class, and quite a few beginners, so Shifu avoided a potentially brutal pace and slowed down basics by making us all stand in place and practice lunbi caijiao together for a long time. He emphasized the importance of popping the kick in the air versus thudding the lead foot on the ground. And while you slap your hands together just before kicking your palm, make sure you are standing straight so that you're extending properly.

So, don't hunch over.
Pay attention to detail. Don't be sloppy. Be proud of how we express ourselves! It is great to get back to the nitty-gritty basics every once in a while, so to speak.

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  1. I can attest to the MTA not being my friend!! Going through metro-north to grand central and find that the 6 train is way behind schedule. I actually didn't make it to training. I turned back with my head hung low and went home. Sucked!! Later that night, Scott mentioned that I should get an 'official' punching bag.