Friday, February 16, 2007

high on chi

Anybody seeing me and Ellen in the line waiting to do form last night might think we were high. We were jumping around - clapping - shouting - giggling. We were high on chi. We were happy - well at least I was.

For me it started from me doing Erluquan for the first time in the carpet. Although it was only 2 moves - I felt this sense of accomplishment. I was happy. And then the next round, Hannah shouted 'Yeah! Sucheela' and I could feel my chi level went up 30%. It's probably the effect that Mo talked about in this blog last week. So I told myself that I'll do the same thing to other people. I'll give them chi simply by shouting their names - encouraging them (and myself.)

And it was fun. At least it made me forget that I couldn't move my legs anymore...

Moral of the story: ummmm.... be happy?

1 comment:

  1. High on Qi! It was most wonderful, most awesome qi!! I loved it!!