Friday, February 9, 2007

kung fu injuries - all in my head?

When we do basic moves in the line, sometimes it's inevitable to kick or hit people next to us. Whenever I'm the one kicking or punching or slashing other people, I always feel so bad. I would be aware of it until the end of the class - trying to leave more space or moving faster or slower. I would keep thinking about it until I can say sorry to the person or make sure that he/she is cool.

On the other hand, whenever I got kicked, hit, punched, stepped on, etc. I always want to show that I'm fine - no worries - keep training - forgetaboutit - no big deal - smiling - Omitoufu. And it always *was* no big deal. These never stay in my head longer than 3 seconds which is how long the pain lasts.

I realized this - and thought - maybe I shouldn't worry about it too much. Just let it go. Maybe other people were trying to show me too that they were fine when I touched them too.

I know that we should be aware of ourselves and people and place around us. Well - sometimes I am not.

What usually goes on in your head whenever you happen to kick somebody in the line?

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