Monday, July 9, 2007


Kudos to Hannah for keeping the blog going. I've been horribly distracted lately with stuff in my personal life and with work. I have a report right now that I'm busting my ass to get out, so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

Kung fu keeps me sane and calm. Even though many of us admittedly experience pangs of nerves and anticipation right before a class, I love how in a way, we also know what to expect -- a tough two hour session during which we sweat loads, gather up the chi and challenge our hearts, bodies and minds. And it's that sense of constancy that I value.

Recently, times have been challenging. I've missed quite a few classes due to workload, and I've felt beat, so the few times I've made it to Temple recently, I haven't been there 100%. My brain shuts down and I feel like I'm going through the motions a little. I almost am satisfied enough with the mere fact that I've made it to training, and whether it's a good class for me or not is irrelevant. And that's spilled over into my kung fu blogging. I need to find the chi to write.

Maybe part of it is due to the recent flux of people who train each time (Quantuo alluded to it in his most recent post), which results in this slight feeling of disconnectedness. That is why even after a rough day at the office when I've missed training, instead of hopping in a car headed home, I'll still meet up with folks for dinner at Thai Son -- to maintain that minimum sense of community and continuity that keeps me coming. It is also why I was happy to organize folks to meet up on the Fourth of July. And why I dragged my family to listen to Billy and the Vipers play a little outdoors at a restaurant in Brooklyn last night since we were in the same neighborhood.

*Sigh!* My mind is hazy, not unlike the weather!


  1. I agree, it does help when you have a group of "regulars" showing up. But I think on the whole classes have been getting bigger again with the summer months, so hopefully that feeling of community chi will return. I also agree that it's the one thing that helps keep me calm and sane. Especially at work. I've done forms in the hall three times today.

  2. part of what i look forward to when training is seeing & hanging with all of you guys. although quan tuo & i trained with the kiddies this weekend out on the grass (so fun), there is no suitable substitute in the long run! we all have distractions & preoccupations but muster on. looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, another "flexible" day!