Friday, July 13, 2007

Swept Away!

Last night, since Shifu was away, I felt a little more at ease and adventurous with my kung fu-ing. The weather was not as grody as it was for Tuesday's class. Plus, it was energizing seeing a fuller class -- it reminded me of the old Temple feeling with so many on the carpet.

I did pubu chuanzhang lunbi zaquan from the other side without fear of being kicked to kung fu kindergarten. I wall stretched with Shi (Charlotte) and Shi (Jose) both of whom I hadn't seen in a while, and did a little bit of the straddle on my own. The night's best challenge came, however, when it was time for forms practice.

Hannah and I have been neck and neck for a while in terms of our progress through erluquan. For weeks we have been anticipating the sweep, so last night we egged each other on in attempting it. Well, I tried it, and the first time seemed okay (but who knows if it looked okay), but then a few times after that, I dragged my right foot funny and now it don't feel so good. So after class, all of the KF Dorks -- Me, Hannah, Mo, Sucheela and Quantou -- got together on the carpet after cleaning mediation and did a few spins. I landed on my ass, but boy, was it fun!

Totally dorkilicious!

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