Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hawaii 5-0

Last night we reached 50 students! It was the biggest class I've been in for I don't know how long. Combined with the weather making one final attempt at summer, it was extra steamy and sweaty in the temple; definitely felt like the tropics. But I don't mind extra sweaty-ness from extra classmates because that always means great chi. I don't know if it's testing bringing people out to train or the large quantity of newer students, but either way it was a fun time. Richu told me about how in L2 on Monday they had to do everything with a smile on their face. This seemed like decent logic to me, and while I couldn't quite make myself grin the whole time, a la Sucheela :-D, I did try to concentrate on the fun I was having as opposed to thinking about being tired or testing or any of the other things occupying my mind. Magically, this made everything seem a lot easier even though I was training just as hard as I could. Adrenaline is awesome that way.

With testing a scant 5 classes away (sorry Qbertplaya but the truth must be known) it was reassuring to know that I’m still capable of having fun in class and am not totally lost in the world of learning forms and thinking about Level 2. Course, the not thinking did lead to some mistakes. In the middle of erluquan I started doing chuji quantao (stupid pubus) So I definitely need to address the line between over thinking and relying on muscle memory. But because I was having fun, I didn't get angry at myself, I just started over. Hopefully it just doesn't happen during testing!

I went to class expecting to sort of grind out my stress by sweating and training until I wanted to pass out, but instead found my release through enjoying class and realizing how much fun it is just to play kung fu with my Shaolin brothers, who, incidentally, have been most awesome this past week. Amituofo everyone, I can't wait to test with you guys!


  1. I use the thinking-it's-fun trick with the jumps. I usually gets out of breath when we keep running back and forth jumping. My head keeps telling my to stop and go to the side because my knees ache and I was tired (my head is good with excuses). But then if I make myself smile and think it's fun, I get a little extra chi...

  2. I feel it is really important for the people who have been at the Temple for awhile to smile with chi! I remember my first night class and Randy was there and he was jumping and smiling and yelled "more chi" non-stop. It really inspired me.

    In life, we usually shy away from what scares us emotionally or physically. But through my training here at the temple and also my acting training, I've realized that if you jump head first into that fear, the doubts of the mind disappears and you can truly enjoy the moment and be ALIVE.

    So now, if things get tough, I just smile and say "More Chi!" Yeah! Yeah! Can't wait to train tonight!