Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Moon Festival

Last night was Chinese Moon Festival (or Mid-Autumn Festival) night when the moon was supposedly biggest and brightest. A bunch of us from the temple went by the water to gaze the moon and eat mooncakes. (How did it go - by the way? I didn't go because of a wicked ache in my belly.)

But I have always been fascinated with
mooncakes. Apparently, there are many many versions of the cake. In Thailand, my favourite kind was with durian and lotus seeds filling.

I found this site with pictures of
how to mold and make snow-skin mooncakes (the non-baked white skin ones). That solves the mystery of how mooncake skin looks so pretty and delicate!

Look how big the moon was!!! (Thanks Richu.)


  1. It was fun. Soup by the water and Mau Ying (spelling?) did a great job of telling the love story behind the mid autumn festival. Hannah brought mooncakes and a Pomelo which was cool.

  2. richu, there's no moon in your picture -- or maybe it's billy's ass... ;)

  3. Fun times. Couldn't have asked for better weather or more beautiful moon. So tired today though.... Need a mooncake to give me some chi :)