Thursday, September 27, 2007

And the world will be as one....

We talk a lot about everyone's unique approach to training, the personal experience, and the different things we each take away. But in today's class what struck me was the feeling of everyone training as a whole. Now I don't want to get too meta here, but from the very beginning when we all said "Amituofo" I felt like everyone's voice was part of my voice, and the whole class I felt very connected with everyone there. Not each person individually but the class as a unit. Of course we're always aware of how the chi of the rest of the folks training affects our own, and maybe it was just all of us fighting against the great equalizer of super sweaty humidity, but tonight I felt really aware of our unity. **rainbow** Then in forms I ened up in sync with Heng Mo during 5 kicks, which totally topped off my day. I don't think I've ever done any part of erluquan in sync with someone before.

What I got from this, other than my buddhisty feeling of one-ness with the universe, was that class never ceases to offer me something different. Just when you think you're in a training groove it can totally change on you. Or maybe I was just delirious from the heat and my chi went above my middle dantian and attacked my brain. Either way, great class. And congrats to Ellen for finishing erluquan!!!


  1. Congrats to Ellen for finishing erluquan!

    We had quite an audience watching all of us last night!


  2. sorry i missed you when i came to pick heng ji(b). i heard it was a great chi class!

  3. It was funny when we increased the 5 kicks to 15 and then 50 and then 5 million last night.