Monday, September 24, 2007

Get your kicks....

Over the weekend some most excellent KF folks got me out of the city to destress and distract me. Not an awful lot of training occurred, but lots of playing did. At one point Richu told me to try and caijiao a tree branch that was hanging over our bench. From sitting it looked a little high, but once I stood up and gave it a try I realized it was not as high as it seemed, or my legs are even longer than I realized. It was an interesting sensation though, kicking at a target (occasional caijiao-ing of mosquitoes doesn't count). Mostly in class I just kick as hard as I can and hope for the best, and really have little concept of where my kicks are landing or how high they're going. Now I don't want to have to kick anyone in real life, and I'm staunchly opposed to tree-abuse in general, but I must say, it was pretty gratifying to caijaio that little leaf, however feebly. Can't wait for L2 and kicking pads and such.


  1. I never try to caijiao mosquitoes before - good idea....

  2. Gasp! I am shocked! What has Richu done to you!? You went from a nice tree-loving vegetarian to a animal-eating, leaf-abusing, mosquito killer!

    Welcome to the dark side...

    :) Leo

  3. There are no kick pads in level 2, at least not that I know about. Well, focus paddles, but those don't count.

  4. if you missed our jones beach escapades, you don't know the horror that lead to caijaoing mosquitos!