Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Please sir, I want some more [water]."

First, Amituofo to Qbertplaya whose cranky knee gave out on her right at the end of class Saturday. I hope it didn't scare her parents too much! In true train-harder style she was smiling and laughing (if limping) by the time she left class. I hope you will be back up and sweeping soon, Qbertplaya!

It was a fun weekend of training these past two classes. But dryyyyyy. No water breaks except for at stretching, and my tongue was sticking to my mouth. I thought both days it would finally be the day I broke down and asked Sifu for water. There was a brief month-or-so-long period where for some reason I got in the bad habit of sneaking drinks while waiting on forms line. I appropriately chastised myself and kicked that rule-breaking, but I've never been able to ask for water. I am not sure why, maybe it's some sort of false pride or something, but I don't want to get water unless I'm told I can. Or maybe it's my way of limiting my water intake since I've only recently learned to control my ill-fated guzzling of 3+ bottles per class. Whatever the reason, it was gratifying to know that I was in fact able to keep going without water. It wasn't the awesomest, but I survived just fine. It's like today when Sifu made us do ceshoufans for the 10th time and I thought "there is no way on earth I will make it down the carpet" and yet I did. I bout buckled at the end, but I made it. Or in the middle of erluquan when I think what I really want to do is just stop at five kicks, but push myself to keep going in spite of panting and aching legs. It's good to know I'm not giving up when something seems too daunting, but pushing myself every day to go a little farther. Will I push myself to ask for a water break? For now I'm maintaining my silence.


  1. i always ask if i feel i really need it. I thought about it saturday just because it was so dry and my throat was really uncomfortable, but class ended before i got around to it. A lot of times i notice too he makes the last call for water (the one 15-30 mins before class ends) after one person asks him for water. Or sometimes he just lets that one person go.

    What I do though is just drink a whole lot (like 2-3 full glasses) before i go class to overhydrate myself. It makes me have to pee a lot but I end up not needing that much water, especially now as it's getting cooler i sometimes won't need more than a sip or two the entire class.

  2. Yeah, I drink water all the live-long day. Just during class it tastes so good! I guess that also makes me a little masochistic...