Monday, June 18, 2007

Everyday Kung Fu

Class today was small -- only 19 of us, so after a while, Shifu had us doing the basics as one line whipping around the columns. During forms practice, he worked with Leo on some yiluquan, and it became a nice review for all of us as we stood there mimicking what they were doing.

For the post-training meal, Ji, Hannah R. and I met up with De and Sucheela for some yummy brunch down in Tribeca. Judging the food we consumed, we probably undid all the good we did for our bodies in class today, but at least we made up for it by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. But then we had some yummy cupcakes that Sucheela had made, so oh well...

Part of our conversation included talking about doing kung fu outside of Temple. I have often stolen moments at the office where I'll do kung fu. I worked on fanyao along a hallway lined with file cabinets where I quickly learned to keep my arms in one plane so as not to bang into the cabinets. I'll sometimes practice in the ladies' room in front of the mirrors. And I'm sure I've amused my building's security desk with its cameras by pubu-ing in the otherwise empty elevator.

Inspired by our conversation, we capped off the fun day by heading to the roof with a camera to enjoy the view and practice some moves, which we filmed. I happily worked on pubu chuanzhang lunbi zaquan from the other side (see above).

And now, I just finished my laundry -- including all three of my uniforms. While waiting for the dryer to stop, I practiced some mabu.

Yup, we're dorks.


  1. I think holding Mabu while waiting or ride elevators is a very good idea! The length of each ride is perfect. I can't wait to use an elevator now!

  2. I think my favorite part of this picture is still De walking in the background waving, with his other hand in chamber.

  3. I guess De is doing what other people to get on television by waving in the background. hehe :)

  4. Nice picture!

    Although one little thing... you might want to sink your hip/butt more in so you are not leaning so much forward. Your body should be straight and your hip should be sinking down so that you butt is nearly touching your foot. =) Sorry.... just had to say it....

  5. hahaha...i completely agree, kfw. my knees are very creaky, so it's something i struggle with all the time. i will say that the picture is perhaps not best representative of what i do do for pubu, however, as it is actually a still from a video we shot, so i'm not completely paused in that still. :)

  6. Nice pose Q!

    Taking videos of ourselves doing movements is a good idea. I never really thought of that. We should all take some videos and share them. That way we can see what we are doing wrong and what not.

    You should put up the videos you guys took so we could all enjoy them :)

  7. i'm gonna refrain from posting any videos in case any of us is contemplating a run for public office. too embarassing!

    plus, i wouldn't want anyone to judge me based on my dreadful pubus (but consider that we were not properly warmed up, and i had jeans on)!

    you'll just have to shoot your own goofy videos for your own enjoyment!

  8. Video is good. Even though I hope my forms look better when I'm not restricted by tight jeans and Heng De's shoes, it definitely highlighted things that I need to work on. Like relaxing my shoulders; they're so tense, I can't believe I make it through my forms at all!

  9. was quite nice to get extra love from Shifu yesterday. :)

    Sorry I couldn't join you guys for brunch. Sounds like you guys had a great time!


  10. Cool Pubu!! ... Also nice view

  11. looks like great fun! i am a big fan of kung fu fun practice outside temple!

  12. omg i look like an idiot in that pic of me doing a tornado...and i'm not even tucking -_-

    it's funny though to see our faces when we're in the middle of doing something...i've got a few of me doing xuanzi too with some funny looks on my face but none as bad as that one