Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kung Fu Dork Profile #4

Name: Esther
Temple Name: Easter
Occupation: Mad Scientist, mwahahahaha!
Borough: N/A (West Nyack, NY)
Chinese Sign: I can tell my astrological sign instead, which is Leo. Giving my chinese sign will tell you how old I am. Boy, do you really NOT want to know.

When was the last time you trained?
Level 2 class, last Wednesday night.

How is your commute to the temple? It's crazy stressful especially during a workday/weekday and if there's an accident on the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Metro-North from Tarrytown, NY, (~45 minutes) to the 6 Train to Canal Street (~15 minutes -dependent upon whether the train actually comes or not). Or alternate route is 4/5 Train to Union Square and transfer to N/Q/R Train to Canal St.

How did you learn about the temple? And what made you start training? A former work colleague obtained his MBA at Columbia and he knew of someone that trained at the Temple. I went to the trial class, loved the Qi and trained and now on forward it is history (at least part of my history!)

When did you start training? August 2005

What is your favourite basic move? The first and most basic kick...Caijao. You can also apply it to your conversations like, "If you mess with me, I'm going to 'Caijao' you." Of course I wouldn't go ahead with the action. ;)

What injuries have you had from training? Injuries... of course! A different variation of Qbertplaya's and Mo's shaolin butt sword except it's the hamstring that goes directly to your butt-tocks!

What's the most important lesson you learn from training? So many important lessons that could be applied to your life from now 'till the end of time ~ Open your mind, open your body!

Soup or no soup? Who could not love food? Love soup!
Shower or no shower? Miss the cold showers at the old temple! But who's complaining! :)
Gatorade or water? Watered down Gatorade.
How many uniforms? 2 blues and 1 orange.
Straddle or wall stretch? Scared of the straddle but should gain the courage for it. I do prefer the wall stretch or the wish-bone stretch. :)


  1. Hey didnt you train last night

  2. Yeah, I trained last night which was Monday night. :)

  3. no you wouldn't caijiao anyone but you biantui/qiandengtui/zhiquan people quite often i'd say...or maybe it's just me

  4. i just noticed that all the dork profiles (except easter who wouldn't say) have been tigers! strange coincidence or it is?