Monday, June 18, 2007


So I just finished practicing kung fu at home and wanted to share. First off, my room is a wreck and I sure didn't feel like clearing a big ol' area to practice in. Second, I live on the top floor of a house and my housemate has complained more than once about my alleged stomping. Now the rule of thumb in Shaolin (apparently) is that you can train in the space that a tiger can lie down in, or something to that effect. And we are taught to try and land soft with no sound on our kicks. So with this in mind I've been going over basics in my room. It was quite an exercise in isolated muscle control. I've practiced outside temple before (see crazy rooftop kung fu, and doing forms in the lobby at my old theatre) but never in this limited amount of space. Very interesting. I recommend everyone become very cluttered, get a grumbly downstairs neighbor, and go at it. Plus, any excuse to put off cleaning the house....


  1. being light footed also helps extending life expectancy of feiyues :)

  2. To land lightly does wonders and you won't get shin splints!!

  3. i always equated shaolin to being like ninjas - all lightfooted. however it's funny how many times i am told to stomp at certain movements. i am sure no neighbor really appreciates us dorks but it all depends on the time of day you are training at home, yes?