Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Go-Go Shaolin Shoes!

I almost didn't make it last night. I got slammed with work just after 5pm, which usually means no training, but I was ever so determined to go to Temple. I am missing Thursday's class due to a friend's birthday, so the next time I can train will be Sunday. So it was imperative that I go last night.

Often, when I'm hit with work so late in the day, it is a given that I'll be stuck at the office -- like I was a few weeks ago this month already when I was there till 1am one night and 11:30pm the next. However, this time something in me snapped, and I decided to turn on the juice. I said to myself, just rip through this report with all your chi, and go-go-go! So I did. For 75 minutes, I pounded through the documents and typed like a mad woman. I threw my file onto the done pile and headed out at 6:29, a good ten minutes after I usually bolt for Temple.

I ran through the streets and into traffic and down the steps to the subway and happily caught the 6 train right away. I settled into a seat and trembled with the adrenaline I already had pumping through my veins. I got to Temple with eight minutes to spare. Not much time for a proper warmup, but it wasn't really that necessary!



  1. so excellent! it's wonderful to have TRAIN CHI too when you really need it! can't wait to catch up with you & temple folks soon.

  2. I'm so jealous! I tried that yesterday, but work won. Doesn't it always seem like the days you REALLY want/need to go you end up trapped into something else?

  3. Amituofo!! That is some excellent CHI!! Unfortunately I can't go to class tonight(Thurs) either no matter how hard I try. I am working on the set of "One Life to Live" and getting out on time is not up to me. I guess I will be practicing my yi-lu-chuan on the set! :) CHI!