Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shaolin Crush #2

It's been a while since my first Shaolin Crush entry, but that shouldn't suggest that I haven't been feeling the love for various Shaolin brothers. Today my heart did the extra pitter-pat for one of my long standing favorites, Randy.

Now some may say this crush is borne of the fact that when Randy trains we Brooklynites get a ride home, and I can't deny that's a perk :), but for a long time I've admired him for his indestructible, positive chi. He's always encouraging, and always training hard even when he's injured and hurting, and brings a really fun energy to class. He is also a font of helpful tips for whatever move I happen to be practicing before class. Today, I was going back to square one on my ceshoufans, trying to get them straighter and faster. Today he was getting ready to go after tai chi and I asked a passing question about one handed ceshoufans while he put on his shoes. What did he say? Nothing; he immediately took his shoes back off and did some. Then he broke it down for me and showed me how to gradually build up to to doing them full out with lots of encouragement after each of my embarrassing attempts.

So hearts and flowers for Randy, who, after almost two hours of tai chi, put off going to whatever his post-training activity was to jump to my aid with such enthusiasm. Or should I say, one-handed ceshoufan to my aid. Be still, my heart...

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  1. Randy is da bomb.

    After certificate ceremony, he saw how upset I was about not passing erluquan, and he offered to work on it with me. Right then and there. If I weren't such a stick in the mud, I woulda done it. His enthusiasm really is inspirational.