Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Last night Shifu pulled me to the side after seeing me doing Erluquan and corrected a few of my moves. Right before he started, he said "Not bad but you need to...bakjdhsfkjewhsadfldjskfjpwoe..."

Not bad!

Not bad!

Shifu said I was NOT bad!

I was so happy - excited - exhilarated. I thought my need of approval has been worked out with my therapist but I guess it's still there. After the class I was told that my face was beaming the whole time - punching - kicking - crouching - or doing whatever I was taught.

Heeee hee heee

I think these are what he told me:
  • At the very beginning of Erluquan and at the end when I whip my left hand up to my chest and right hand 45 degrees behind me, my left palm needs to face down rather than facing out to the front. Also don't keep the left hand too close to my chest.

  • After the sweep and arms rotation into Pubu, going into Mabu my left palm should be in the same position as above as the right fist goes into chamber. Then as I get up with my left leg and knee up, slide my right fist over left palm which moves to my right armpit. Keep my right arm straight right next to my ear and look left. After 2 skips, to go into Mabu right before the 5-kicks, head should follow my left hand which rotates downward and up. Then look right as I punch with my right fist.

  • After the Pubu following Waibaitui, twist my right hand, arm and leg just like I would my left hand, arm and leg after the Pubu following the 5-kicks but the other way.... This is a little confusing but it made sense when he explained it to me last night...


  1. gosh, you are so cute!!

    i love your smiling chi!

    i wish i was there last night to watch you in action, instead of stuck at work. >:-(

  2. I like your transciption of Sifu's instructions. I saw you, you were grinning ear to ear. Train harder!

  3. beautiful! i can see your smile all the way here today! those are wonderful word to hear from sifu!
    more chi!

  4. Wish I was there to see your beaming face! :)

  5. YAY! You totally were beaming. It was very fun to watch the interaction...