Monday, September 17, 2007

Cool down....

I feel like I need some extraordinary post now that I've finished erluquan. ***cymbals, cheering, birds singing, trumpets rainbows, the music of all the heavenly host*** After all the anticipation, the buildup, the anxiety, the debates, and everything that have come up as we have been posting our progress, I want to express some cathartic revelation that has occured. But with discipling and family stuff, it has somewhat lost precedence from the things prioritizing my mind the last 24 hours. Which is not to say I am not SUPER stoked about finishing and the prospect of having three weeks to practice before testing. But commitment to training was a huge part of my becoming a disciple, and I think that I'm re-settling on the opinion that being able to train at all, no matter what I'm working on, is so fun, so challenging, so beautiful, that erluquan in all its glory, can be there or not, so long as I get to train harder. Of course, as I commented to Sucheela, it's easy to say things like that once you're done. :) But I really think that I sort got caught up in tangible evidence of progress instead of recognizing the progress I've already made and enjoying what I've learned (and so much too!) in the past 15 months. And now that I'm done, the places in the form I feel weakest are the parts I've known for some time. (*cough* the sweep). Reminder that I need to remember the present and not always be caught up the future, which is a problem I have in and out of temple. Yay lessons. But, nonetheless, (and recognizing that I need to polish my everything) here are the things I want to make sure to focus on in the next few weeks: sweep, everything about it, powerful but CONTROLLED strikes, deeper stances, especially my pubus, always looking far, not down, and spreading my chi through my whole form, not just in the 5 kicks. Good times are ahead, dorks. No wait, the good times are now.

And for those who want to see some bald disciple pics, go
here. Hopefully it will help keep me cooler in training.

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  1. hope you have a nice hat for these cold days upon us!