Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dork Profile... #6!

Name: Whitney
Temple Name: Heng Mo, Tres Bien, Keeper of Turtles
Occupation: Director of Construction Mitigation
Borough: BK, Holla!
Chinese Sign: Fire Dragon

When was the last time you trained? Last night-- Tuesday, 18 September

How is your commute to the temple? From work: 15-minute walk up Broadway, during which time I do some thinking or make some social calls on my cellular telephone. From home: One stop over the bridge on the Magical Q Train. It is a beautiful commute, no matter how you slice it.

How did you learn about the temple? And what made you start training? A friend, the amazing Heng N'ou, introduced me to Shifu and Temple. I saw Level 2 testing and was left with a deep impression. My then-boss and I met with Shifu a few months later to try and help with a real estate matter. On both occasions, Shifu invited me to train. I felt it was an honor to be asked, but it took me a few more months of incubating the idea before I actually made it to Temple. After 11 years of yoga, and a pervasive blah feeling about my gym membership, I was eager for a new physical focus. Training at Temple fit the bill in every way I could have imagined, and well beyond.

When did you start training? March 2006

What is your favourite basic move? Waibaitui. It is so satisfying.

What injuries have you had from training? Yeah, the Shaolin Butt Sword is still around, having celebrated its first year haunting my butt. Happy birthday, SBS! My latest favorite (this is so embarrassing) is that I have been elbowing my own shin during Cetitui. My alignment is off, but I am working on it. One time Heng Zhou punched me in the lip because I was too close to him in line during Mabu. My parents were at Temple watching, and were horrified. I guarantee it was not worse than what I've been doing to my own shin though.

What's the most important lesson you learn from training? There are humbling lessons in everything. Cleaning the mirrors: if you notice an imperfection, try and fix it. Stand back to get perspective on what needs to be fixed. In line during basics: See yourself in every fellow student-- and see everyone else in yourself, from brand-new and endearingly clumsy, to the most graceful and powerful. We cheer each other on because we are all connected-- everything spreads-- competitive chi, aggressive chi, supportive chi, light-hearted chi, loving chi... Even in the changing room: Come prepared, be on time, honor yourself and your body, and the world, by treating yourself well, keeping healthy and sharp.

Soup or no soup? I love soup. I have a psychological blockage training internal-style, but I'm okay with that. Training encouraged me to lift my 10-year embargo on meat-eating, so I am quite patient with the rate at which I've made changes in what I consume. I've really enjoyed overhauling the wardrobe of my diet.

Shower or no shower? Usually not.
Gatorade or water? Water and emergen-c.
How many uniforms? 2 blues.
Straddle or wall stretch? Before: only wall. Now: Only straddle. The transition has been intense. I like all the moral support during stretching.


  1. Always wonderful to read a bit more about one's basics. Welcome back, Mo!

  2. Happy Birthday Mo's SBS!!!!

    Last night in the form line - I was admiring your waibaitui in erluquan. Funny you said it's your favourite move. :*

  3. Man elbow-to-shin sounds painful!

  4. what a beautiful dork entry! i like watching your yangshen yanshuo myself! wow, your parents must have been freaked watching you getting hit in the face! your sword butt has been there longer than some temple bros!