Monday, September 17, 2007

Headlines from the front....

NEW YORK, NY: Hannah (now known as Heng Cheng) has finished erluquan. Also she has no hair. More on this breaking story as reports come in....


  1. Can you post all the new names - so we can start memorizing them?

  2. congrat!

    we have to do synchronized chi on tuesday.

  3. that is so awesome, shi heng deng! i heard you are superhot without hair, can't wait to see it!
    here is the list that i know of. this could use verification.
    congratulations to all new disciples:
    branden - shi heng ji (1st tone)
    ra - shi heng jing
    mark - shi heng huan
    kris k - shi heng le
    ryan - shi heng shuang
    alex - shi heng bao

  4. From an IM Heng De sent me:

    Jason C. 欃栴 Zhán
    Edward A. 檀 Tán
    Todd G. 尼 Ní
    Ryan M. 幢 Zhuáng
    Mark F. 歡 Huān
    Patricia M. 藏 Zàng
    Arturo N. 寶 Bǎo
    Branden F. 積 Jī
    Kristopher K. 樂 Lè
    Christian B. 精 Jīng
    Ra J. 進 Jìn
    Hannah R. 燈 Dēng/Cheng
    Alex B. 慧 Huì

    Congrats and amituofo, everyone!

  5. We believe Deng is correct. For now. Update will follow if that proves to be incorrect.

  6. can't help but notice heng deng & heng zang are the only girls! represent!! more chi!!!!
    thanks for the complete list, heng de was probably more sober!

  7. Props to Hannah/Deng for shaving her head!

  8. Amituofo!! and Congratulations to all the new disciples!

    As far as Hannah's new name goes, Shifu is correct if the radical is not the fire radical. The Wood radical 橙, Water radical 澄, and Hand radical are pronounced chéng. There's also a special one with Eye radical pronounced chéng as well. But, if the character is with the fire radical 火, then it is definitely pronounced dēng.

  9. As always, Leo, you are an invaluable font of wisdom. We were on to the radical conundrum, but in the sutra it seems to be a fire radical, which would make sense since it means lantern. If logic prevails in the Chinese language that is. Either way, I love my new name. The paladin of light as Ji says.. :) For now, for bald photos visit me on facebook.