Friday, May 11, 2007

Kung Fu Dork Profile #3

Name: Chris
Temple Name: Heng De (also sometimes Biggie)
Occupation: Student
Borough: Manhattan
Chinese Sign: Tiger

When was the last time you trained? I'm training right now OOOOOH philosophy

How is your commute to the temple? Well right now it's a little long as I'm in Hong Kong as I write this, but my apartment is a 10-15 minute walk from the temple.

How did you learn about the temple? And what made you start training? (Long story short) I came home one day and said "Mom, I wanna learn kung fu" and she looked in the phone book. At that time I also lived 15 minutes away. I went to watch a class, and like Heng Jie (揭) says, "If you feel the chi, that's the chiiiiii."

When did you start training? May 4, 2003

What is your favourite basic move? I like fanyao. I feel like it's one of the few moves I actually can do decently.

What injuries have you had from training? Uh...sometimes my knees hurt when I do middle splits? That hasn't happened in a while though...Oh yea speaking of fanyao actually one time I hit someone's hand and I broke a tendon or something and now my right pinky is twice as big as it should be.

What's the most important lesson you learn from training? Read the heart sutra, it's all in there...and more confidence in myself.

Soup or no soup? Soup.
Shower or no shower? Not at the temple.
Gatorade or water? water, I don't do all of them fancy electromolytes.
How many uniforms? 2 orange, 2 blue, 1 vest with black pants.
Straddle or wall stretch? Straddle, it improved my middle split immensely and I find it more comfortable.