Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hey! How's it hangin'?'s Sunday night already! The weekend melted away much too fast mostly cos it was jam-packed with kung fu goodness. Friday night, I caught dinner with Niederwelt and her friend before we headed to Temple for Movie Night, and it was great to see everyone in a nice, relaxed context. I gotta say, it did feel kinda funny to drop popcorn on the rug where I usually drop sweat...

So, on Saturday, Zhou taught class, which is always a treat. When we practiced chuji quantao together, he broke us up into two groups so that we could practice the form on the rug in front of the mirror and look at ourselves, which can be quite useful. Also, he had us work on throwing punches with chi while doing yiluquan. In the afternoon, I did some laundry meditation cos all three of my uniforms were dirty. Then, in the evening, I met up with Niederwelt and my friend Julie in Williamsburg for some excellent barbecue at Fette Sau where we sat outdoors and then just some good hanging out time on Niederwelt's balcony.

This morning when my alarm went off at 9, for about half a second I played that but I trained yesterday game with myself, but I knew I had to get my butt out of bed because (a) I overindulged in the pork last night (yum!), (b) I had already promised myself I would train both days this weekend since I'm missing next weekend entirely, (c) I always look forward to seeing my friends at Temple, (d) it was too nice of a day to veg out on my couch alone, and (e) if one has an opportunity to train, shouldn't one do it since who knows what'll happen in the coming days?

It ended up being the right decision to train (of course) cos I always feel better that I did, and a lot of friends were there. The amazing thing was that there were 22 of us in class, and 11 of us ended up going to Thai Son for lunch together after class! We squeezed in tightly around the table, and had a blast (as always). Then, after lunch, a bunch of us headed to Soho to see Billy and some of his bandmates from The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn play on the street.

And on our way to the subway to head back to Brooklyn, Hannah R., Sucheela and I ran into Parris who was also on the sidewalk selling his artwork. We talked to him for a bit and remarked how many talented creative people train at Temple. Love it!

And now it's Sunday evening...and I'm lounging on my couch, summing up the weekend for you. Saw my lovely kung fu peeps. Enjoyed the beautiful weather. Did a double training. Had so much fun. So awesome!


  1. i had such a great time sunday with everyone & with qbertplaya & co fri & sat! more hang out days to come! more chi!

  2. Does anyone else smell cheese?

  3. anonymous -- i think it's something rotten emanating from your own stinky self.

    seriously, are you getting off on submitting jerky comments cos i don't understand this obsession. i don't even know you!

    so lame!

  4. regarding above two posts:

    if you feel the chi, that's the chi, if you don't feel it, that's not feel it. Both ways fantastic.

    Other than that, can't wait to be home next monday and see all of you crazy kids.