Friday, May 11, 2007

Side Kick!

I missed class on Tuesday because I got handed three new files at work and had two closings. Grrrr! I heard that Shifu broke just about everyone into groups to work on new things, so I was especially bummed to get stuck at work, but at least I somewhat made up for it by meeting kung fu folks after I left the office at Li Hua for a yummy bowl of spicy pork ramen.

Ever so determined to train, I whizzed through my work and bolted out the door at 6:18. When I arrived at Temple, it was very warm, at first causing me to glance up and make sure the heaters weren't on. And it's not even summer yet! Oh man...

Tonight Joshua taught class. He reminded those of us who train towards the end of the line to go all the way and finish our basics even if people are getting ready to start up forms.

After we practiced our forms for a while, Joshua broke us up into groups to work on forms. I was happy to work with Han from whom I rarely have the privilege of learning stuff. She reviewed what we had already learned in erluquan which for me was up to the erqijiao, and told my group to do better defined stances. And then she taught me a chunk beyond where I had stopped to the second xiebu. When class was over, I practiced what she had just taught me, and then she taught me a little bit more -- up to the side kick! Yeehaw!

After a relaxing dinner at Thai Son with Niederwelt and Nick, I waited for the train back to Brooklyn for a little while. And, yes, I actually did practice erluquan on the platform. Hee!

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