Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kung Fu Dork Profile #2

(So instead of boring you all some more about training with my injury -- which seems to be getting better, btw -- I'm filling out Sucheela's Dork Questionnaire. Let us know if you'd like to be a featured Dork Profile sometime in the future as well!)

Name: Ellen
Nickname: Qbertplaya
Occupation: Lawyer-ish
Borough: Brooklyn
Chinese Sign: Tiger

When was the last time you trained? Just a few hours ago. Always so much fun!

How is your commute to the temple? From desk to Temple, it's about 25 minutes or less either on the 4 to the 6, or the 6 all the way. From my apartment to Temple, it's also about 25 minutes, but on the R train. But it all depends on whether the subway has chi. If not, then it's called training by taxi.

How did you learn about the temple? And what made you start training? I was dating someone who started training at Temple a few months into our relationship, and hearing him talk about Temple inspired me, but I was reluctant and intimidated for a number of reasons, so it took me forever to sign up. We broke up not too long after I started, but I was then able to focus on training and meeting all the wonderful people at Temple. And I like to think that even though our relationship didn't work out, had I not met him, I probably would have never crossed paths with Temple. And the rest, as they say, is history...

When did you start training? January 7, 2006.

What is your favourite basic move? Even though I still struggle with proper extension and consistency, I have to say that caijiao is my favorite. It is perhaps the most basic of the basics, yet it is so powerful. And to me, because it is the first move you learn, and it is how we start off every class, it represents beginning, rebirth, another opportunity to start again and do it right, and to forget about the crap in the outside world. Doing a caijiao means, yes, I have arrived at Temple and I'm training, dammit!

What injuries have you had from training? I have endured several minor pulls and soreness, including the current one. My favorite injury, tho, is the wicked bruise on a finger I get every once in a while by kicking my palm just right so that the metal eyelet on my feiyue hits my finger joint. Owie!

What's the most important lesson you learn from training? I've learned to be more patient with myself and know that as long as I train harder, I'll be able to do amazing things, even if I have to go at my own pace. And that ultimately, everything -- life, how I train, what I do -- is up to me. I must determine my path.

Soup or no soup? I have to admit I can't remember the last time I had a proper #1 soup...I've been a fan of #48 lately -- vermicelli with grilled pork and spring rolls.
Shower or no shower? I prefer to shower at home.
Gatorade or water? I always try to refill my water bottle with water from the cooler at my office. Don't care for the sugar in most drinks.
How many uniforms? 3 -- the original one and two New Temple, New Life ones. I prefer to wear the fancier ones, but in order to maintain a decent laundry routine, I end up using all three uniforms usually.
Straddle or wall stretch? Is it bad if I've never straddle stretched?


  1. we need to find temple name for you!

  2. can't we just call her qbertplaya? the best names are those others give spontaneously.
    more chi

  3. Glad to hear that you're shaolin sword butt is getting better! I'd like to volunteer to be profiled! Although Sucheela asked me a month ago, I was a little anxious of giving up my identity.