Friday, April 20, 2007

Arrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Gongbu

I have been told to keep my back leg straight doing Gongbu so many times. And this time it's Sifu. Why? Why? Why? Why can't I keep my leg straight?

Actually I know why. It hurts to lock my knee and put my weight on it. And locking the back knee needs a lot of leg chi - which apparently I didn't have enough.

When I first started I thought it's impossible to make my back leg straight doing Gongbu. I thought I had some kind of deformation (not really - just can't do it.) Obviously I was wrong because now I can do it. The problem is doing it ALL THE TIME.

Train harder.


  1. me too, baby, me too.

    (i got picked on my gong bu during yiluquan by shifu last night as well. arghhhhhhhhhh!)

  2. Was taught to think about putting all of your weight on the outside of your foot- in the opposite direction of where you are going. Your knee should not be locked, but flexed. If done correctly you can actually feel it strecthing your groin for the back leg.

  3. The way I finally got it was to think of my back leg propelling me forward during gongbu line drills. Not just propelling me forward, but generating the power in my punch. Of course, this is what it's supposed to do, but there's a difference between knowing it and trying to feel it.

  4. yea i agree with those guys, for me right now when i do it its a stretching pain in my groin too, not something in my knee, so i just try and stretch it out more and more. also instead of being higher and straight and pushing down, sometimes i go low but with my hips not straight and stretch it from that angle too. but for me doing it in line is hard to keep it straight in every stance, i have to slow down a bit.