Friday, March 23, 2007

Kung Fu Dork Profile

Name: Sucheela
Temple Name: Massaman (Zhou's the only one calling me that.)
Occupation: Pretending to be busy with web stuff
Borough: Brooklyn
Chinese Sign: Tiger

When was the last time you trained? Last night. It was awesome!

How is your commute to the temple? I used to be able to walk to the temple from my previous residence. No more. Now I take trains -- about 20 minutes from work. Don't know how long it takes from home yet. Haven't gone training from home since my last move...

How did you learn about the temple? And what made you start training? I worked with Jeremiah aka Neo. Whenever anybody had any complaints about anything, his only suggestion is -- You should try Shaolin Kung Fu!!! And then I became single, had too much free time, needed something to do. So I came to the trial class - didn't like it that much. But oh the pain - the pain that I got from the trial class was so addictive - I wanted more. So I started training.

What is your favourite basic move? Cetitui. Because I thought kicking on the side is a nice change from all other kicks. I have weird fondness for Cetitui. I don't know.

What injuries have you had from training? Lower back pain from several causes, the black thing on the back of my legs from over extension, left ankle from Erchijiao, right knee from unknown cause, right shoulder from Erchijiao.

What's the most important lesson you learn from training? I can do it! I can love myself. I can be strong. I can be happy. etc.

Soup or no soup? Soup! Hungry!
Shower or no shower? No shower! Waste of time.
Gatorade or water? Water! Cheaper.
How many uniforms? 3!
Straddle or wall stretch? Wall stretch! Feels more stretched.


  1. How about a picture after you trained?

  2. picture after training in the dressing room!

  3. i like the photo too! who came up with the questions? they are funny as are your responses.

  4. you guys are next to be profiled!!!!

    prepare your answers!!

  5. You are awesome! I like your profile! Massaman... that is awesome!