Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday Night -- More Chi TV?

I think tonight's attendance list only had one column's worth of names. Do Thursday classes generally feel smaller to anyone else? Is it cos it's the end of a long week, and people wanna rest up for the weekend? Are we dorks for preferring to train instead of caring what's happening on Grey's Anatomy/CSI/ER? Can't help it!

Anyway, tonight, I somehow managed to get through basics and chuji quantao and yiluquan without hearing Shifu call me out despite my general tiredness after a long day at work. I still find whipping through the forms and then xiebu and pubu together as a group extremely challenging, and I guess I need to train harder. But, by the time we get to practice forms individually, my legs become less rubbery and re-energize. It really helps me when we ignite the chi.

I was lucky during forms -- Shifu showed me some extra love and worked with my beginning of erluquan. Like when he worked with Sucheela recently, he corrected my stance by making me do the ending to yiluquan, then I had to chamber my left palm, and then bring my right arm almost straight up. He emphasized the importance of keeping my torso in the same position, so as to thrust my hip out. The right leg should be at a 45 degree angle. He made me practice it over and over again, even making me face the mirror so I could see myself.

I didn't learn any more to erluquan, but it was great to refine the beginning. Hopefully, I'll nail it down soon! I am utterly exhausted...but happy I got to work with da master.


  1. I think that Tuesday night is more popular because after the weekend of "bad" activities i.e. drinking - smoking - eating junk food - watching lots of TV - I feel the need to do something healthy to redeem myself. I almost always never missed Tuesday night classes.

  2. Thursday nights are usually happy hours and partees??

  3. I think it's a coin toss! you never know who will show up to either class. that said, with testing coming up, you'd think people would be running to temple but maybe they train during the day? it's been a long time since i was able to train in the day. i wonder if attendance is just as spotty or what?

  4. Weekdays seem to have slipped in the numbers of people that make it. I don't really think there is a Tue/ Thu night split. It seems that most everyone I know in the temple has both nights free and look forward to training. Usually only work that keeps them away...
    But agree with Sucheela. Sat/ Sun most likely because of comatosis.