Friday, March 9, 2007

Twisting and Turning

My right knee has been hurting. I came up with all kinds of reasons for it:

  • Doing Tenkong Fanyao only on one side

  • Trying to lock my knees doing Gongbu

  • High heel shoes

  • Slippery winter sidewalk

  • Old age

  • etc...

I think I just figured the true reason out yesterday during the class. It's that move that you stand on the right leg - lifting your left leg - and strike up in the air twice while turning left with your right leg... [Illustration to come when I get home...]

I think I twisted my right knee trying to turn...

How should I correct this? Or do I just keep doing it and my knee will get stronger?


  1. I have a bad right knee too and when I was first learning to do tenkong fanyao, my right knee felt very weak and sore at times. Now I've reached a point where I can do tenkong fanyao (or sort of, anyway), and my knee doesn't bug me as much, so yeah, maybe it was a matter of getting stronger. I guess I have more knee strengthening to look forward to, hmmm?

  2. - Standing too long making cupcakes
    - Eating too much
    - New Karma Sutra book
    - Sitting on my right foot - folding my knee - while working
    - etc...

  3. mmm work on pivoting maybe? could be just combination of things making it stronger on the other hand too but if its that move i'd say pivot more...

  4. Hi. I just found this blog. I think it is great!

    My advice: when you jump you want to make sure you land on your toes. Usually a lot of the injury is caused by being too tense doing the movements. Another thing is when you do tenkongfanyao you want to turn your body more so you can make a complete 180. Often times people are doing only 90 degrees and that is going to put stress on your ankles and your knees because half your body is at 180 the other half is at 90. I hope that helps. Take care of yourself. Once you get a knee injury it is very hard to heal from it!

  5. :) thank you anonymous

    I did tekongfanyao exactly how you said it - I didn't even realize it