Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sarah and Jasmine

Learned two new names from two pretty ladies today.

Sarah is the very tall skinny girl with dark hair who has been training for a while and who can kick very very high. Esther and I stretched her today.

And Jasmine or Heng Zu (or something like that) is the dark skin, very pretty, level 2 student who has been training with us since after Shifu's birthday party. She always pulls her straight hair back while training.

Her name is spelled YASMIN.


  1. I'm pretty sure that's Heng Shi (恆是). The verb 'to be' as in 'form is emptiness emptiness is form'. She's mad old school.

  2. Amituofo, I introduced myself to the second woman the other night, and I believe her name is Yasmin, with a Y, not a J.

  3. Also, if it helps you remember, Sarah is a model, and she has some kind of European(?) accent.

  4. I believe she said her name is spelled with a "J" but pronounced "Yasmine". Not sure...we'll have to ask her.

  5. amituofo! sara was training a lot early summer & she is french i believe. i have yet to meet heng shi, maybe i'll know her when i see her. chad~

  6. dang...i just realized...another shi??? cos we surely don't have enough of those...