Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Leg Sweep!

I'm about to do the leg sweep, and I'm finding it intimidating. Must get over the mental block. Also, I find it frustrating being at the end of the line during the basic moves because people accumulate necessarily, and eliminate space available to train. That's a good lesson for paying attention when we start!

On another note, I gave the baby turtles a new toy-- it's a hollow floating log! They totally love it.
I also got them some plants, but I won't install them till I receive the big rocks for the bottom to anchor them in. Yay Beautiful New Temple!


  1. Mabu to pubu, keep your butt low and your head up. The start of the sweep is the most important, if you start off wrong you'll get out of balance and nothing will work right.

    The turtles are cute.

  2. Did you hear me cheer you on? I was cheering you on before you were going to the sweeps!!