Monday, March 12, 2007

Shifu has a million eyes

I was so excited to train last Saturday because a grueling work week prevented me from attending class last Tuesday and Thursday. But I was dragging ass, especially during xiebu after chuji quantao. I was in the last row of people, and my knees felt like they were going to buckle as I slowly pivoted and crouched down.

All the way from the front of the carpet, I heard Shifu's voice -- "Ellen! You still don't get it!" -- and then this orange blur shot across the room and then towards me, ending up right next to me. I felt Shifu's eyes staring at me as I struggled through xiebu, so I dug into my dwindling reserve of chi and extended as though my life depended on it. And then Shifu left me alone.

Never assume that Shifu can't see you from across the floor. But mostly, be honest with yourself. There is no need for Shifu to push us into extending as fully as possible. We should do it all the time.


  1. which reminds me to sit straight while working...

  2. Better watch out! I can see Sifu saying, "Sit up straight and extend!" Hehe :)

  3. You're absolutely right! We should try to do our best whether Sifu sees us or not! But it's also wonderful that Sifu wants us to do our best in everything we do! More Qi!

  4. By the way! Love the analogy...Basil seed drink=a million eyes!